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Have you heard of this new treatment called Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Sitting in a cold chamber might seem rather strange to some, yet, this new popular treatment that goes under the name of Cryotherapy has proven itself to be very useful.

sport stars use cryotherapy

A new treatment called Whole Body Cryotherapy

Using temperatures as a means of healing is not new, indeed cold and heat have been around for many centuries. What has changed is how it is used.

Goodbye cold bath, welcome to the world of WBC with its state of the art, cold chambers.

Why does it work?

Cryotherapy is a treatment that involves the use of dry freezing temperatures. The body reacts to these uncomfortable low temperatures, as it can reach -120 Celsius. That provokes chain reactions in the body and releases toxins. As a result, within minutes, one feels renewed and healed. Today it is very popular with athletes and professionals.

Is it only useful for athletes?

While it is popular in the world of sports, cryotherapy is great for any healthy adult. It is used to treat arthritis, anxiety, any pain, or even merely as a way to get rid of stress. While ice baths take time, you only need to stay in the cold chamber for just a few minutes. This is dry cold, so the sensation is also very different from the feeling of entering into an ice bath.

Where can I do it?

Welcome to Rocky Mountain in Denver. We are the specialists and the best in Colorado. Come and see for yourself, we are located in Denver. We can discuss any doubt you have about whole body cryotherapy and answer all your questions. You may also give us a call; it will be our pleasure to assist you in any way we can.

Discover the thrill and sensations of Cryotherapy, uncovering a new way to ease your pain.

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