WBC for faster recovery for athletes

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Published in Plos One journal, recent research shows that Whole Body Cryotherapy greatly improves and speeds up muscle recovery. It also delays the onset of muscle pains for endurance training runners.

Faster Recovery from Sports Training

Faster recovery from sports training

Whole Body Cryotherapy and inflammation in athletes

Indeed it was discovered by the research team that cold therapy worked by increasing the runners’ primary white blood cell count, known as a neutrophil. This reduces muscle soreness following high-intensity exercises in endurance training. They explained how the improvements were the result of the treatment as it reduces cardiovascular strain and enhances the oxygenation of the body.

Whole Body Cryotherapy and inflammation in athletes

This new evidence proves without a doubt that WBC stimulates an anti-inflammatory response following strenuous exercises, giving the athletes better and shorter recovering time. Runners benefit from a significant reduction in pro-inflammatory markers when they use cryotherapy sessions. It did not take long for the research team to conclude that when the cryo sessions were performed immediately following exercise, it enhanced muscle recovery by restricting the inflammatory process.

Further research with similar results was conducted with tennis and volleyball players. Studies also showed that results differed according to individual health and fitness. Timing and frequency played a big part in getting maximum benefits from whole body cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy to Improve Bone Health in Athletes

Athletes and bone fractures go together, so bone health is primordial for them. Another study conducted side by side with the Italian rugby team showed that Whole Body Cryotherapy helps in the prevention of bone stress fractures.

WBC enhances muscles recovery

WBC stimulates an anti-inflammatory response

In the journal Injury, they describe how Whole Body Cryotherapy significantly increased the levels of osteoprotegerin ( a protein that plays a vital role in bone metabolism) over a 5-day treatment. Thus not only speeding up the recovery time from fractures but also preventing them.

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