New State-of-the-Art Cryotherapy Centre in Denver

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State-of-the-art, in muscle soreness management, the new Cryotherapy Sports Recovery Center has just arrived in Denver, Colorado. Welcome to the newest and most effective way to release pain.

Applying ice pads on sore muscles is no secret to any of us, thus, Cryotherapy, the therapeutic use of extreme cold, makes complete sense. Besides athletes, anyone can experience muscle pain or sustain an injury at some point. Yet Cryotherapy is still received with some skepticism, maybe because it is not fully understood, or there is insufficient knowledge. More often than not, people feel uncomfortable with the thought of being locked up in a room, under such freezing conditions.

Why Does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy works in pretty much the same way as when you apply a cold compress to an injury, just better! Cold does not only relieve pain, it also reduces swelling. Furthermore, Cryotherapy helps the body’s healing process by slowing down cellular metabolism.

cryotherapy beneficial effects

Why does Cryotherapy work?

Too much swelling stops the healing process and is painful. When you slow down cellular metabolism, you reduce cell death and the body heals faster. 

One Session Is Not Enough

One trip to the cold chamber is not sufficient. This is a therapy and you will need multiple sessions that last only a few minutes each if you want to see results. Like any other therapy, it is a commitment that has to be taken seriously.

Is It Going to Be Painful?

When in the chamber, you are not in direct contact with the cold, unlike the application of a cold compress, or worse, ice bath. The session lasts just a few minutes exposing the body to painless, extremely cold temperatures for short bursts of time. You will come out of it feeling like a brand new person.

Cryotherapy is without a doubt the muscle injury therapy of the future. If you would like to have more information or set up an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be only too happy to offer our assistance to you.

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