Recovery with Whole-Body Cryotherapy

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Fast muscle recovery is important for athletes as well as for anyone practicing sports, whether you are a pro or want to excel in what you do. Obtaining maximum recovery of the muscles takes time; they do not recover overnight. A footballer may have more than one match in a week, and this is where you have a problem. This applies for training, also. Take an athlete; he/she will want to run every day. Yet, is it possible?

Why is recovery so slow?

Recovery is important for athletes as well as for anyone practicing sports

Why is recovery so slow?

Muscles take a while to recover because it takes a long time for the glycogen present in the muscles to be restored. Not enough glycogen means poor performance. Glycogen is involved in energy storage in animals (of which us humans), fungi and bacteria.

Role of WBC

Whole Body Cryotherapy is an alternative approach that addresses delayed muscle recovery as well as pain, inflammation, and fatigue triggered by rigorous training and exercise. With WBC it takes just two to three minutes for the body to recover, for getting rid of muscle pain, and inflammation. Furthermore, there is an instant increase in muscle strength and energy. That is the reason why athletes and professional sportsmen and women swear by this treatment.

How does this happen?

The extreme condition inside the cold chamber forces the body to respond quickly

Role of WBC

The extreme condition inside the cold chamber forces the body to respond quickly; the brain registers extreme cold temperature, and the average blood circulation in the outer layers of the skin cannot be maintained. As a result, the body’s nervous system triggers vasoconstriction, which is a narrowing of the blood vessels and arteries, and in turn, less blood enters the tired or damaged tissues where there is inflammation, thus stopping it.

At the same time the blood, rich in enzymes, nutrients, and oxygen, full of hormones, is restricted to the body’s core while still circulating normally. As the brain detects the temperature is back to normal, the opposite happens, called vasodilation and the enriched blood goes back to the extremities of the body, mainly the limbs. This together with a load of endorphins, means a flush of energy and well being overtakes you.

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Exposed to -220 degrees FahrenheitWhole Body Cryotherapy greatly improved and speeded up muscle recovery