How to Prepare for a Cryotherapy Session?

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Prep Tips for a Safe Cryotherapy Session

Congratulations on making an investment in your health and deciding to give cryotherapy a try. You’re one step closer to enjoying the many benefits of cryotherapy.

Do Some Research

You might have heard about it but do you understand what cryotherapy is and how it works? Take some time to read about the benefits of this type of therapy to understand if it’s what your body needs. Once you determine if cryotherapy is what you’re looking for, find the best cryotherapy professionals near you.

Tips to prepare for your cryo session

Wear Minimal Clothing

Cryo is generally not something you can do in the nude like some people might do in tanning beds. You will need to wear shorts or cotton underwear and cover your feet and hands to avoid frostbite. You can wear a few pairs of gloves and socks to protect those areas from the cold. Also, make sure everything you wear is completely dry and remove all jewelry before entering.

Make Sure You Are Fully Dry Before Going in the Chamber

If you were working out or training before your session, ensure your whole body is 100% dry before you step foot in the cryotherapy chamber. Moisture can contribute to frostbite.

Feel Free to Move

You don’t need to remain still as a statue during the whole 3 minutes you’re in the cryo chamber. You can move around a bit to keep your blood flowing. If you’re uncertain as to how much you can move, don’t hesitate to ask before your session starts.


Now that you know how to prepare for a cryotherapy session, book your appointment and take advantage of the amazing benefits this therapy can bring.

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