How Often Do You Need Cryotherapy?

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There is no specific guidance as to how often you should use Cryotherapy to reduce inflammation.  In the end, just listening to what your body tells you is probably the best way to handle it; just hit the cold chamber as often as you feel you need, and as often as you can handle it.

Take it slow at first

Ideally, you should start slowly, about once a week, to give your body time to get used to it so that you get acclimatized and can learn to react to the cold. Then you can move on to two or three times a week. Some people like to go through an intense session and go every day for


Hit the cold chamber as often as you feel you need.

two weeks, and then stop for a while.

Impressive effects in just a few minutes

A study of athletes found that there was a remarkable increase in antioxidant activity following multiple whole-body cryotherapy sessions. You may say that this is not the same as getting rid of inflammation, yet it is a remarkable result that shows directly the effect cryotherapy has on our system.

How does cryotherapy control pain?

Some patients who have rheumatoid arthritis were offered a trial treatment of 3 sessions of two minutes each. They found an impressive reduction of pain right after the first one and found it to be a life-changing experience, giving them the ability to lead a normal life again. Cryotherapy does not cure arthritis, but it can control the inflammation associated with it. Thus it can manage the pain.

Doing is however better than thinking; do not wait any longer and do what your body wants. Come, have a chat with us in Rocky Mountain Cryotherapy in Denver, and let us guide you towards your first session, find release from pain at last, and feel alive again.


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