What to Expect from a Cryotherapy Session in Colorado?

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This treatment was developed in Japan back in 1978. Now, it is used in the US and has shown wonderful results in treating a variety of things from inflammation to sore muscles and more. Do you know what to expect from a Cryotherapy session?

How Cryotherapy Works

As you can imagine by the name, Cryotherapy is a type of therapy that uses really cold temperatures to treat pain, muscle spasms, and improve overall health. But have you ever asked yourself what really happens to your body when you go into a Cryosauna? Here’s what you can expect:

heal with extreme cold saunaPhase 1: Remove

A cryogenic session will typically last about 2 or 3 minutes. It might sound like too little time, but that’s all your body needs for things to start happening. Essentially, what happens is that your skin and muscle tissue has blood vessels that constrict, which forces your blood toward your core and away from your peripheral tissues. Once the blood reaches the core, your body has a natural filtration system that starts getting rid of toxins and inflammatory properties that might be in your blood.

Phase 2: Replenish

Two to three minutes later, you are out of the cryo-chamber and your body starts circulating blood back to peripheral tissues. This time, however, blood has been enriched with enzymes, nutrients, and oxygen, and it warms the muscle tissue and the skin, and also increases range of motion.

Phase 3: Recover

During the next 48 hours, your body will be in a restoration process and the body improves its condition. Our clients have reported a big improvement in their pain, and inflammation is reduced, their energy levels are higher, and the recovery time after workouts or injury has significantly improved.

The Best Place for Cryotherapy in Colorado

At Rocky Mountain Cryotherapy, you can get the best cryotherapy sessions in all of Colorado. Get ready to watch your health improve. Choose your favorite plan and book your appointment today.

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