What is Cryotherapy and who is it for?

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For many centuries humans have been using the temperatures of various substances in different ways to heal themselves. Human beings have come up with unique methodologies through which they can remedy their bodies physically and emotionally simply by manipulating their environmental temperature.

What is Cryotherapy

Most individuals are familiar with heat therapies such as hot baths, but cold therapies are fairly new to the modern world. Cryotherapy is when almost freezing temperatures are used in a therapeutic manner. When people first hear about this they are often very confused. Heat has the ability to cure and make a person relax almost instantly and that is why it’s an obvious choice to help a person heal. Cold temperatures, on the other hand, are generally associated with discomfort.

The whole point of cryotherapy is to take a person’s body out of its comfort zone, and in doing so cleanse it of toxins. Cryotherapy can be done in Denver alone or with a group of people at the same time. When a person steps into the freezing cold chamber, it only takes a few seconds for all of their blood to start getting redirected to their core organs. The body does this because it assumes they are freezing. When a person steps out of the chamber the blood recirculates again and this is a great way of getting rid of toxins.

Cryotherapy is great for anyone at all, especially athletes, who are looking for a way to make their muscle pain go away and for those people who are also looking for a way get some energy back again. The only individuals who should stay away from this treatment are those who suffer from extreme illnesses and high blood pressure because this therapy may be too stressful for their bodies to take. Pregnant women and small children should also stay away from this procedure because it could be harmful to them as well.

For healthy adults, cryotherapy can be a very thrilling and enjoyable experience which may be slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, but its results will make a person feel like they could go in again every day.



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How Cryotherapy Can Support Athletes' Well-BeingWhat is cryotherapy?