Cryotherapy: what you should know

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Cryotherapy is now widely used as its many benefits are highly appreciated. There are two main kinds: localized cold therapy and whole-body treatment.

Many benefits of cryotherapy

Localized treatments are often used for sprains, tendonitis, post-surgical pains, or even fever. The treatment usually involves cold compresses or ice-packs, and it affects the superficial tissues within 5 minutes. For deeper tissue, it can take up to 25 minutes.

Whole-body cryotherapy treatments are favored for chronic conditions; to reduce fatigue and muscle pains in athletes or just anyone who can benefit from it.

The main benefits of cryotherapy include,

reduced inflammation, pain management, edema management, decreased muscle spasms, reduced spasticity, reduced muscle fatigue, vasoconstriction, acute post-surgery pains, increased metabolism, and induced temperature stress (hormones that are released during stress — cortisol, dopamine, and adrenaline — increase the ability to withstand fatigue, pain, and hunger).

Side Effects of Cryotherapy

As with any treatment, cryotherapy does have side effects.

Some people are left with non-lasting unusual sensations such as tingling or numbness following the treatment.

Cryotherapy can cause temporary redness and irritation of the skin. However, this disappears quite quickly.

The whole body Cryotherapy should never exceed 5 minutes as it can cause decreased heart rate and high blood pressure. The vital signs must always be monitored before and during the treatment. Typically treatments do not exceed 3 minutes.

Typically treatments do not exceed 3 minutes

Whole-body Cryotherapy

Contraindications of cryotherapy

Avoid any cold therapy for those who have:

A history of heart attacks

Cardiovascular disease or arrhythmias

Circulatory disorders (peripheral arterial or venous disease or DVT)

History of strokes

History of seizures

High blood pressure

Unstable angina pectoris

Raynaud’s syndrome

Anemia tumors

Respiratory illnesses

Acute or chronic kidney diseases

Pacemakers or any metal implants

You must be over 18 to consider Cryotherapy.

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