Cryotherapy, the new slimming therapy

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History of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy works by increasing your body metabolism

Who has ever heard of Cryotherapy for losing weight? It seems that it could be one of the fastest long-lasting methods. Please read on to learn more. 

Cryotherapy works by increasing your body metabolism. If you exercise regularly and are health conscious when it comes to nutrition, the results of Cryotherapy will start to show very quickly.


Let’s say that you just finished your routine at the gym, and you walk in the cryotherapy chamber for about 3 minutes, just to cool down. Your brain will start telling your body to pump blood right to its core to provide it with more heat before it flows back to the rest of your body. The body, now very cold, uses a lot of energy to heat up again, and to do this it will burn up to about 3300 Kilojoules of energy, that is


Cryotherapy can burn up to 800 calories per 3 minutes session

to say, between 500 and 800 calories! This is basically what is burned off if you run for 45 minutes, but it only took 3 minutes of your day.

Summing up why Cryotherapy is best for weight loss

First, it is the safest and fastest of ways to burn body fat, as Cryotherapy can burn up to 800 calories per 3 minutes session. 

Cryotherapy lasts longer than other methods

The benefits of one session last for hours, even days. Together with healthy nutrition and regular exercising, you have found the best solution to stay slim and fit.

Cryotherapy improves the distribution of body fat

Cryotherapy improves and increases blood circulation and muscle tone, that gives way to better body shape and ultimately, gorgeous looks.


If you would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at Rocky Mountain Cryotherapy. We are glad to answer your questions, and help you book the first appointment.

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Cryotherapy better than ice baths