Cryotherapy for Removing Warts

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Aside from whole-body cryotherapy, liquid nitrogen can also be used to remove warts. That is a clean, quick method, and just one session may be sufficient.

Wart Removal with Liquid Nitrogen

Removing Warts

Cryosurgery is highly recommended for face treatment as it is the method that is likely to leave less scarring

While warts may go on their own, this can take a very long time. There is now a fast treatment that will get rid of them for good: you can freeze them off with liquid nitrogen, and the process is called cryotherapy or cryosurgery. Cryotherapy has become nowadays the most common way to get rid of warts; it also prevents them from spreading.

What is Cryosurgery and How does it Work?

Cryosurgery only takes a few minutes, you can have it done at your doctor’s office, or you can buy a kit and do it at home. Bear in mind however that the results are best when treated by a physician.

Liquid nitrogen of temperature as low as -320F is used to freeze off the wart. If the wart is thick, dead skin will first be removed with a particular instrument. Some doctors may ask you to prepare warts with salicylic acid before the procedure. The doctor will use a ‘cryogun’ to apply the liquid nitrogen directly to the wart and the surrounding area. The skin will go briefly numb, then you may or may not feel a short, sharp pain, then it will turn red and form a blister.

There aren’t usually any problems following the treatment, it is, however, recommend to watch for any infection. A scab will form after about a week, and it will dry and fall off by itself.  There is no scarring, in some cases, there is a faint mark that will quickly disappear.

Who can get Cryosurgery?

Cryosurgery is highly recommended for face treatment as it is the method that is likely to leave less scarring.


Cryosurgery only takes a few minutes

Just about any adult or teenager can remove their warts through cryosurgery. 

Because the treatment will cause permanent hair loss, it is not used for areas of the body that are covered with hair.

Cryotherapy of all kinds is now getting more attention with the public as it provides people with a fast, clean and efficient method to treat all types of physical ailments and discomforts. Please give us a call at Rocky Mountain, and we will gladly help you find the best solution for you.


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