So… What’s a Cryotherapy Chamber?

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Cryotherapy uses cold temperatures to treat a variety of conditions, from muscle pain to depression. To achieve the desired effect, a special tool is needed to bring your body’s temperature to where it needs to be.

How Much Do You Know About Cryotherapy Chambers?

When people think of cryotherapy, they think of ice baths. Although the principle is not that far off, the effects of cryotherapy vs. an ice bath are far more powerful. What makes this possible is the use of cryotherapy chambers.

What is a Cryotherapy ChamberA cryotherapy chamber is essentially a chamber, large enough for one person, which is capable of lowering the temperature inside to below -110 degrees C, thanks to the use of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen has a very low freezing point (-210 degrees C) compared to water (0 degrees C). This piece of equipment is what makes the whole process of cryotherapy possible.

Not all cryotherapy chambers look the same. They come in various shapes and sizes, which is why you’ll find places where chambers are rectangular and others are cylindrical. Cryotherapy businesses might choose one or the other based simply on decor or preference, but this factor has no impact on it’s functionally, whatsoever.

Types of Cryotherapy Chambers

There are two types of chambers:

Types of Cryotherapy ChambersWhole Body Cryotherapy Chambers

These chambers cover you from head to toe. Once you’re in the cryotherapy chamber, you cannot be seen. For these chambers, the use of liquid nitrogen is not ideal, so compressed gas is used instead.

Partial Body Cryotherapy Chambers

This type of chamber is the most popular and commercially used. Your head is out of the chamber while your body is in it. This allows you to breathe normally and because of this, the use of liquid nitrogen is perfectly fine, and it’s actually encouraged, as it provides much colder temperatures.


If you have any questions about cryotherapy in Colorado, cryotherapy chambers or any other part of the process, at Rocky Mountain Cryotherapy, we can help clear out your doubts. Give us a call or book your appointment today!

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