What makes Cryotherapy better than ice baths?

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Some people may wonder why they should bother with Cryotherapy 


Cryotherapy is more effective.

when they could have an ice bath at home; the point is, these are two very distinct methods.

Why is Cryotherapy better than ice baths?

These are just a few of the reasons why one should not doubt which method is safer and more effective.

Cryotherapy is dry

During an ice bath, your whole body is actually fighting against overexposure as the cold reaches the skin tissues, which can be damaging. The skin that is waterlogged gets red, irritated with stabbing and burning pain. Hypothermia can even occur in most severe cases. With Cryotherapy, the body stays completely dry, and it does not have to deal with all this fluid. The liquid nitrogen feels more like refrigerated air that stimulates and nourishes skin cells. You will come out of it feeling revitalized and healthy.

Cryotherapy is fast and safe

You’d need to stay a minimum of 20 minutes in an ice bath, and that goes without counting the exhausting hauling of the ice into the bathtub, which instead sounds like an endurance test. A cryotherapy session will only take 2 to 3 minutes of your time, and is a lot more useful. Also, while you are in the cold chamber the temperature is monitored at all times, and you come out of it at precisely the right moment, while in an ice bath your body has to endure freezing temperatures for a much longer time, this without being monitored, so you do not really know what is happening to your body.

Cryotherapy is easier

Speak to any athlete who switched from ice baths to Cryotherapy, and they will all agree Cryotherapy is a piece of cake. No wonder 3 minutes in a dry cold chamber sounds a lot more appealing than spending 20 in a freezing bathtub full of ice cubes!

how does a cryosauna works

Cryotherapy is a piece of cake

Have you wondered whether Cryotherapy is for you? No problem, contact us at Rocky Mountain Cryotherapy, we will be glad to answer your questions, and secure your first appointment.



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