Benefits of Cryotherapy for Sports Injuries

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Cryotherpay is simply the modern method

Fast recovery with Cryotherapy

Sports injuries are frequent, and they are very painful. Whether you are a professional or just someone who likes playing different kinds of sports, you will more than likely suffer an accident, and accidents do happen to the best of us. When an athlete, or anyone, is injured and in pain, they want fast recovery, and there is one way to it.

Fast recovery with Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a new way to treat sports injuries of all kinds. Whether it is an injury or an inflammation, cold therapy has always been the way to find relief. The ice pack has always been the first reflex; it is cheap and easy to do. So why is cryotherapy better?

The answer is that cryotherapy works in many different ways to help speed recovery. It reduces the blood flow to the injured area as well as reducing swelling. At the same time, it works as an aesthetic, helping with the pain, while it reduces the muscle spasms. While all this is going on, it decreases the damage caused to the muscles and tissue since the cold slows down your metabolism; hence, the tissues need less oxygen.

When you apply an ice-pack to an injured part of your body, you may feel temporary relief, but this sensation disappears all too soon. The explanation is simple. When you enter a cold chamber, the temperature drops down to an astonishing -240˚F  (-150˚C ) whereas an ice cube will give you 32˚F, that is (0˚C), and an ice bath around 46˚F or (8˚C). Yes indeed, there is no comparison, and this is without mentioning that a cryo session in a cold chamber lasts a few minutes, whereas you need to spend quite some time agonizing in an ice bath to get fewer results.

Cryotherapy is simply the modern method

Cryotherapy seems to be the modern way to treat injuries with cold therapy. When you consider the vast differences in temperature and in time consumption, without even going through the horror of having to lie in an ice bath, there is little to say in favor of the later. Cryotherapy has been around for a long time, but it is only today and after years of researching and improving the methods, that it is coming out as the number one sports injury treatment. Amongst famous athletes, we have Padraig Harrington, Tony Robbins, and Kobe Bryant who swear by Whole Body Cryotherapy.

For more information on how WBC works, and to book your first session, please drop into the Rocky Mountain Cryotherapy in Denver, or give us a call for a friendly chat and some more information. We are the best Cryotherapy Specialist in Colorado.

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